Calculator Roll Types Net 30 Meters
  56-57 - 58x30 Meters   70x70 50 Meters
  60x60   75x60
  70x60   75x70 50 Meters
                       Cash Register Roll Types 45 Meters
  37x70 Beko Casio   60x70 Hugin 4200
  45x50 İes Sweda   58x70 Ecron
  45x70 3108 Olivetti   58x50 Ecron 26 Meters
  60x70 Olivetti   57x56 30 Meters
        Duplicate Autocopy Cash Register Roll Types 2x16-20-25 Meters
  57x56 Ekonomical   57x70 Quen Data
  57x60 Borusan Sharp   57x70 Simtel Gold
  44x70 Beko Casio   57x80 Casio 298
  44x70 Itt Meta   44x70 Simtel
  57x60 2 Duplicate
                     Autocopy Foreign Currency Exchange Rolls 2x25 Meters
  1.HM Teleks Rolls   3 Duplicate Teleks Rolls
  2 Duplicate Teleks Rolls   4 Duplicate Teleks Rolls
                              Autocopy Exchange Roll
  70x50 2 Duplicate   75x50 2 Duplicate
  70x50 3 Duplicate   75x50 3 Duplicate
                           European Cartridge - Free Action Rolls
  57x16 Meters Economical   57x20 Meters Borusan
  57x25 Quen Data   44x25 Casio İtt Meta
                              Thermal Rolls  30 Meters.
  27x30 Meters   46x60 Scale Roll
  37x30 Meters   60x30 Meters
  56x30 Meters   65x60 Scale Roll
  57x30   110x30
                                               Fax Rolls
  210x216   15 Meters   56x70 Meters
  210x216   20 Meters   210x216  50 Meters
  210x216   30 Meters   210x216  100 Meters

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